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Creating a New Mexico Nonprofit

Creating a nonprofit corporation in New Mexico appears to be a fairly straightforward endeavor. In 2012, there were over 9,000 nonprofit organizations in the state serving a variety of causes. Before creating a nonprofit, however, the first task is to identify a need that is currently unmet or underserved. In visiting the Sandia Mountain Wilderness recently, it seemed that there are aspects of the wilderness system that could benefit from additional volunteers - volunteers perhaps that help create trail signs and trailhead notices, repair trails and keep them free of debris, report criminal activity, pick up litter, and monitor and report potential violations of fire restrictions or fire hazards. For purposes of this assignment, I will look to create a nonprofit that encompasses these activities. Upon identifying a nonprofit purpose or mission, the next step is to devise a name for the organization. The name cannot conflict with a pre-existing organization, and the state of New M

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